Enjoying Sitaphal of My Garden

Yummy, I returned from college .My brother was busy in plucking these fruits. I immideatly went there and took my bamboo stick as we have the competeation to collect them or else I loose. There are around 10 trees of seetaphal at my garden.Well Seetaphal tastes better than any other fruit in the world. One day i collected so many see the above image, it’s of my garden. Then I keep them in a bag for getting it ripened. But unfortunately i hardly get time for enjoying those fruits. Some are turning bad in the bag.

My maternal grand mother gave me 2 seeds of Ramphal 2 years ago. I have planted it in my garden and waiting for it to grow. I haven’t tried any Ramphal in my life. It’s from the family of Seetaphal. I hope soon i get ramphals to enjoy and to post here.

Do you like seetaphal?
Shekhar Sahu
2 Responses
  1. chompermom Says:

    Yum, custard apples! I haven't had them since 2004 when I lived in Belize. What country was this in?

  2. Shekhar Sahu Says:

    It's from my garden and I live in India. I hope you get one!
    Actually this site is still under construction, and i was paying more attention towards
    so this delayed :(